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The Taco Club Restaurant Review in Revelstoke

The Taco Club Restaurant Review in Revelstoke

Restaurant Review – Mexican Dinners

Jay thought he was gonna go for a few tacos until he saw the waitress pass our table with an Amazing looking dish which turned out to be an Enchiladas.

So he quickly changed his mind and ordered the Tequila Citrus Chicken lime cilantro crema, pear salsa enchilada.  His eyes were bigger than his stomach though as he only was able to finish one, it was such a large portion he ended up taking the other half home. 

Tacos are my favorite Mexican food and so I choose the Spicy Coconut Prawn, with chili, mango coleslaw. And the Adobo Pork  roasted red pepper, pineapple salsa taco. Both on there 6″ inch soft tortillas.

I knew immediately that this was one of the best Fish taco I have ever had. It was a little on the sweet side and if you know me I don’t like sweet food very much, but the waitress assured me that I could spice it up if need be. And all i can say is OMG…. this taco was out of this world once I added the spice. I just wish it was BIGGER!! I would have ordered 3 if i knew it was this good!! Just look at the fish in this thing, soooo tasty.

The pulled pork was good but after tasting the prawn taco I could not enjoy it as much and just wanted all prawn.

You can taste the freshness in all these dishes. A very authentic and unique place that we will be returning to again when we are in the area.

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