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Save a Dog/Cats life with Dawn Dish Soap

Why does the article say…” You Can Save a Dog/Cats life with Dawn Dish Soap”? Because it’s TRUE.

The reason I am writing this article is because I learned this the hard way. So I’m writing this article to you, in hopes you don’t have too!! Everyday animals get fleas and every year animals die innocently by way of chemical medications that the pet stores carry “that are suppose to treat those fleas”. If you’re not able to take your dog/cat to the Vet for some reason and if you are considering buying flea medications from the store instead, you should know that not all chemical medications will work and allot of them are so toxic that it can kill your pet (this is a slow painful death for many.) So please do your research before treating pet yourself with flea med’s, you may be surprised to learn that a HOMEMADE treatment in this case is best.

This is my Story!! I hope it can save a few lives. This happened to me about 5 years ago, I was on my way to visit m aunt when I found a stray kitten in the back lane. It was way too young to be alone and definitely was lost and hungry! I have rescued many cats in my life and at this particular time in my life I had dogs, and one dog did not get along with cats.

So I decided to bring the kitten to my aunt’s house since I was already almost there to figure out what I would do next. So I carried this kitten under my shirt, across a lot of traffic (holding tightly) and when I arrived at my aunts I was told that the kitten could not come inside.

I said what else am I to do with it? She said take it to a shelter? I said yes that was the plan, but I needed to call around first to confirm if they had room. So that is what I did, and to my surprise there was no room anywhere. I continued to call further away cat shelters that I knew of and everyone told me they were at full capacity as well. I was so overwhelmed to say the least and didn’t even think to check the kitten for fleas.

As I sat there thinking what I was going to do now. I then noticed hundreds if not thousands of fleas all over the little cat. Since my aunt had 1 dog and 3 cats as is, she gave me a cat carrier and said I could place the cat in the garage overnight (bless her heart) and treat it with over the counter flea meds. So I immediately went into mom mood and headed over to a local pet store, I won’t name the store here. But it was a BIG chain (and YES I complained after this whole ordeal).

So I asked the store manager what they would recommend for a ruffly 4-5 month old kitten that was infested with fleas. They gave me Zodiac flea meds and said place it behind the cat’s head and basically gave me a good luck look. I was not able to spend the night at my aunt’s house, however left the kitten with a warm blanket food and water. When i returned in the am the kitten had fallen sick. She had water, wet food and lots of warm blankets but she was just lethargic, at that point.

I then brought her into the house (yes I know against my aunts will) but I had to wash her off. But I guess it was too late and the medication took over her body. I rushed her to a local veterinarian and waited in the waiting room for the results, I expected them to give her some kind of medication to counteract the flea meds. But was informed the kitten was to sick and was going into shock.

They euthanized it right then and there, I was mortified. They explained the kitten was poisoned by the flea meds and that it happens often. Writing this to you is so very hard, even though this was a couple years ago. To this day I still have guilt and it still hurts.  If I only would have known, maybe if I left it as stray it would have lived at least. If the pet store didn’t sell this toxic stuff  she would have had a long life like the other cats I have come to know and love. It didn’t deserve to die this way ?

I am sharing this story in hopes it will save a pet’s life. I learned after doing much research on this topic, that this story is more common than not. And that something as simple as “DAWN” dish soap, prevents and treats FLEAS in dogs and cats. Who would have known? Well more people need to know!! So if you have a dog or cat that is infested with fleas, follow the steps below and save that pet’s life. You have the knowledge now and power to do so!!

Fleas: Just like all parasites, fleas can survive on any host. Dogs, cats, birds, rodents and even humans. You name it they can survive. One strength a flea has is its ability to jump 30 times its height. This is the primary way they can infest a dog. From the outside of a flea-free home, these pest can be brought home by your own pets. Starting with just one female, who will lay its eggs on anywhere humid. These eggs will then hatch and give life to very small pupae that can eat anything and everything to survive. These pests are especially known for their ability to reproduce in a very short period of time. In just a few weeks, a full blown infestation may occur if not treated properly.


Natural way to kill fleas

To kill fleas effectively, the things it needs must me taken away. These may not be the case all the time. This is why, many pet owners rely on chemical products to kill fleas. This chemical products must be avoided to prevent further damage. There are natural ways to kill fleas that are as effective as using chemicals to kill them. Here are just a few.

1. Vacuuming – Thanks to the wonders of vacuum machines, pet owners are able to kill fleas effective. If fleas are present, pet owners must vacuum the whole house everyday for a few weeks until the cretins are no longer present. While vacuuming, pets must also be bathed accordingly.

2. Temp Control – If your homes are fully centralized, turning on the air conditioner can deter the life cycle of fleas, since it needs humidity to be able to hatch from its eggs and to become adult. Without it, it’s just not possible for them to flourish. Information sourced from and: More on FLEA treatments and chemical hazards here.

3. Bathing your pet – with dawn dish soap

What you will need:


I hope you found this information informative, if you did kindly share it with your family and friends!! Let’s save more pets lives together.

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