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Hi I’m Jacqueline, the creator of Canadian Cooking Adventures®. The recipes here are inspired by my life and travels here in Canada. 

I handle all the recipe development, photography, creative design, content, and technical elements here.

Canadian Cooking Adventures® was established in 2017 as a place to store my true and tried recipes. Whether you’re looking for an authentic recipe or just want to learn to cook different cuisines, then you are sure to find a bit of it all here. Wanting to Partner with Me find my contact here. 

I hope you find your time here interesting, delicious and inspiring. It brings me joy to share this all with you! Thanks for stopping!  

Why Canadian Cooking Adventures? 

When I first started this space it was a way to share my two main passions… Cooking + Adventure.  Being a proud Canadian, I thought the name was perfect.

So what is Canadian cuisine? Well Canadian cuisine has varied from region to region over the past century, being the earliest cuisines of Canada having come from First Nations, English, Scottish and French roots. Today “Canadian” cuisine is more difficult to define and is more of a smorgasbord of cuisines.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade learning to cook diverse meals from scratch, it’s my passion. Now I’m sharing what I have learned with you. Here you will find an ever evolving collection of tried and true recipes; some traditional and others with a twist.

With my easy-to-follow instructions, I believe anyone can can learn to master just about any dish. So Skip The Take Out tonight & those, quick-to-make, processed meals and lets get back to some real home cooking together. 

Our food philosophy!

Everything in moderation, with a strong emphasis on real food, by eating less processed foods. With that being said we also like to balance that with eating a vegetarian diet at least 3 times a week and limiting our red meat consumptionWhether you’re looking for an authentic recipe or just want to learn to cook different cuisines, then you are sure to find a bit of it all here.

Popular recipes!

Here are some of my most popular Canadian Cooking Adventure recipes!

Dinner: Rosemary Garlic Butter Pork Chops // Coconut Shrimp Curry // Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry  // Beet and Feta Salad // Black Pepper Chicken Stir Fry // Creamy New England Clam Chowder //  Lemon Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti  // African Red Stew // Ukrainian Borscht // Spicy Tuscan Salmon // Mushroom Spinach Cheese Ravioli // Air Fryer Pork Ribs // Jalapeno Peach Salsa

Desserts: Cherry Tiramisu // Key Lime Cheesecake


So, you want to know a little more about me, eh?

Okay… let’s go! Well, I’m a thirty something year old, coffee addict, thrill seeker, huge outdoor enthusiast and animal lover, not to mention a passionate traveler who is always looking forward to my next adventure.

If there was one thing I could not live without it would be my morning coffees. Which I drink religiously every day, I’ve just gotta have my “double-double” in the mornings or I’m really not that nice of a person.

During the summer months, I like to spend a lot of time at our local farmers markets. Looking for the freshest fruits and veggies. That is my JAM!

Those who know me personally know that I love animals. And have dedicated most of my life to caring for our domesticated ones or advocating for them.


What’s my food preference? 

Well if I could eat any cuisine for the rest of my life, it would be FRESH fruit. I love fruit! However when it comes to cultural dishes. African, Chinese, Italian or Indian is high up there for me. Of course that’s not 100% true, I’m pretty addicted to Mexican and Thai foods these days too. I just can’t get enough of all those Spices. Not to mention, I do love Greek and French foods too, oh and if there are any desserts that are “frozen desserts, that includes, ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen cheesecake then I’m all in. I just can’t choose can I? 

Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to visit my site!

If you want to share my recipes and photos please Contact Me for permission. Photos are the property of © Canadian Cooking Adventures. How to share:

I hope you enjoy your stay on If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear from you!  If you would like to contact me regarding product reviews, giveaways, sponsorship or recipe development, please email me at or maybe even try one of my recipes!



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